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Bets can reach up to 14.10€ with parameters: 3 rounds and 0.10€

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*the team behind Game48 takes no responsibility for any of either bank problems or couple arguments
Game 48

The Rules

🎲 The player who reaches the highest score with all the dices will obtain the overall round pot.
👉 game48 is about forecasting your ability to win each round.

🎲 The score you get with your dices determinates your bet for the round.
👉 Got a high score and loses? you lose a lot of money.

What a round looks like:
🎲 Player throws all dices at once
🎲 Player rerolls after 1 or 2 dices are picked and saved

How Total Score Works

The winner of the Round wins the points of the other players
In this example, Marie won with 43 points. What does she gets ? Paul + Claudio's dice results

Pick 1 or 2 dices!

  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 20

Round Score

    Total Score